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A message from Dr Sally Derrick

Dated: 28-May-19

With very great sadness I have recently resigned as a partner and GP at Annandale. I have had a difficult year health-wise and it is no longer feasible for me to sit for the prolonged periods needed as a GP. I have been a GP partner for 28 years, 17 of these at Annandale and it has been a wonderful experience to work in such a dedicated team of GPs, nurses and practice staff. 

I will greatly miss the Team but also the very many patients that I have had the honour of treating and listening to over the years. Many of you have let me into your lives and I feel privileged. Annandale is special, many of our patients know that, and it will always have a very big place in my heart. 

I am not leaving medicine entirely, I am continuing with my training roles, both as Associate Post Graduate Dean for Hertfordshire and training International Graduates to become GPs.

Very Best Wishes to you all. Dr Sally Derrick

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