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Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

We would like our patients to be involved in helping us make the services we offer at Annandale Surgery the very best they can be.

If you are able to use your experience, as a patient, and are able to spare a short amount of time then please help us improve our services by joining our Patient Participation Group.

See our newsletter for our latest news and events:

Patient Group Annual Report 2015

View our Annual Patient Group Report below:

Patient Group Events

Currently no new events are scheduled...

Your NHS wants an appointment with you!

Hertsmere locality of NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Our members are local GPs and we are responsible for planning and monitoring the quality of health services in West Herts.

We would like your help!

We need people who are able to give a small amount of time to meet with other patients and give their views on local health services and help with plans for the future.

If you would like to have a say in the services offered by your GP practice then they will have a patient participation group that you could join – just ask at reception, look at their website or give them a ring for details.

If you would like to get involved in wider health services such as hospitals; clinics; community, mental health and learning disability services; pharmacists; district nurses to name a few then there is a local Hertsmere patient group you could join. If you are interested in finding out more, then contact heather.aylward@hertsvalleysccg.nhs.uk or ring 01442 898885.

In the meantime we would like to ask a few questions that will help us make sure that the group is as accessible as possible.

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Establishment of the Annandale Patient Participation Group

In May 2011 the practice decided to establish a Patient Participation Group. PPGs have been established in many GP practices and work with their practice:

  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest and, where possible, share decision making in the running of the practice.
  • To provide the means for patients to make positive suggestions about the practice and be an advocate for patient preferences when appropriate.
  • To provide a means for practice staff to inform patients about the reality of running a general practice.
  • To improve communication between service providers, the group and the wider population to enable patients to access and make the best use of available health care.
  • To encourage health education activities and health promotion within the practice.
  • To encourage a spirit of self help and support amongst patients to improve their health and well-being.
  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of health and well-being.
  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of health and social care.
  • To conduct a patient survey and to report the findings and actions to the group and the wider surgery population via the surgery website.

In particular for our practice we wished a PPG to focus on our plans to relocate to new premises in the High Street and to assist in designing a practice survey which would highlight any issues patients have concerning the practice.

Dr Setty was nominated as the GP lead. Annette Barnes and Bernadette Hayes were nominated as administrative leads. All of the practice team are behind the idea of a Annandale PPG.

Our first step was to establish our practice profile to ensure as best we can, that our group does represent our practice population. The Age/ Sex Breakdown of the surgery is as follows:

AgeMale Patients Female Patients % Population
0-4 years190 187 6%
5-1 years448 385 13%
15-24 years407 421 12.00%
25-39 years583 602 17.00%
40-59 years1057 1090 25%
60-74 years541 617 17%
>75 years295 448 11%
Total3521 3750  

In terms of ethnicity our highest ethnic group is British at 76%, 7% Other White,3% Indian. Other groups include Irish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese with small percentages below 1%

In relation to the health profile for long term conditions:

Carers -1.25%
Diabetics - 4%
COPD - 1.50%
Asthma - 6%
Depression - 8.2%
CHD - 3.64%
Hypertensive - 14.5%

We advertised for patients to join and attend our first PPG meeting via posters displayed in the waiting room at the surgery and in our monthly newsletter which is distributed in the waiting room and via email. The readership of our newsletter via email is 6% of our practice population and patients attending the surgery have access to the newsletter. We, along with the help of 2 of our patients who were initially involved in the discussion surrounding the development of the group distributed the posters and flyers in the following local sites:

  • Local Churches of all denominations.
  • Health food shop
  • Newsagents
  • Library
  • Children’s Centres
  • Village Halls
  • Furzefield Centre
  • Wyllyotts Centre
  • 60+ Centre
  • Elm Court
  • School Community Centres.
  • Potters Bar Community News.

Members of the practice team were also involved in recruiting patients on an ad hoc basis.

On 29 June 2011 we held our first meeting at the surgery. This was very successful with 28 patients attending. The terms of reference for the group were circulated (available at the surgery) and patients put forward their names for membership. Some patients were very keen to be a full member and to attend meetings and others to be a ‘virtual’ member. Meetings from this meeting are available to patients.

Our next meeting was held on 14 September at Elm Court and 46 patients attended. This meeting largely centred on discussing the plans to relocate the surgery. Members of the building company were present to answer questions and also a member of the PCT.  Minutes are available from the surgery.

The next meeting on 2nd November saw the establishment of our Core PPG. At this meeting 26 patients attended. A draft patient satisfaction questionnaire was circulated and the opinions of the group were noted and the survey redesigned to mirror their views.

The priorities for the survey agreed were:

  • Appointment Access
  • Telephone Access
  • Waiting times at the practice
  • New on line appointment booking service
  • Readership and ideas for Newsletter
  • Out of Hours
  • Access to the computer
  • Plans for new development.

Minutes are available from the surgery.

At this stage we had established a good database of patients who wished, at varying levels, to be involved in a PPG.

The survey before going out to the wider population was sent for agreement to our PPG distribution list. Once agreed the survey for completion was sent to patients via email to patients on our email data base and was handed to patients who attended the surgery.

Once the results were collated the practice met to discuss the results and the results and action plan were discussed at a meeting held on 3rd December with the Core group. Dr Setty, Annette and Bernadette were present at this meeting. This was all then circulated to the wider group via email and post.


The membership of the group is now running with 78 patients on the data base. Communication with the group is via email and there are some without email whom we contact via post. Through our initial efforts to recruit patients we tried to advertise the group to as many age groups/ethnic groups as we could.

Age Numbers %
15 - 24 years0 0
25-39 years45%
40 - 59 years16 22%
60-74 years43 56%
>75 years15 14%

Total 78 

We realise that the group as it is at the moment over represents the 60-74 year olds and under represents the 25-39 year old age group and our plan is to try and redress this by launching a further advertising campaign. 5 of our members have families with children under 15 and our plan will be to take steps to recruit members who have young families. We will be working with the Core committee in the first instance to see the most effective way to achieve this.

96% of the group is British. 2 patients are Indian and 2 patients are other white. In terms of the ‘health’ profile of our patients 53% patients have a long term medical condition and are on a disease register – eg Asthma, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, hypertension. 5% patients are carers and 4% patients have a diagnosis of depression.

Patients Participation Group Committee

The core Committee of the Patients Participation Group is now up and running, with its first meeting at the Surgery on Saturday 3rd December. Its members are Peter Redman (Chair), Dave Best (Vice Chair), Diane Gayler (Secretary), Tony Allcock, Roy Bridgen, Ian Hardy, Zainal Anhar, Anouska Plaut, Susan Shaw, and Colin Walters.

A further meeting of the ‘core’ members was held on Thursday 2nd February 2012 and the next meeting will take place on 17 May 2012.

The group wish to be involved in discussions surrounding our proposed movement to new premises. In particular how the move may affect our patients accessing the new site eg Transport links, and to have an input in some of the internal designs, equipment etc in the new building. Their role will be a supportive one to patients and the surgery. Arranging speakers for medical talks is going to be organised and the future may also see them raising funds for equipment. They also plan to have a dedicated newsletter.

We would like to ‘thank’ all our patients who have expressed an interest in being part of our group, those who have given us feedback on our survey and website etc and who have given up their time to help establish the core group. If you would like to contact the Committee with any ideas or thoughts about what, as a patient, you would like the PPG to address, please email Annandale.patientgroup@nhs.net

The group is still very open to new members. If you wish to become a member please complete the form below.

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Herstmere commissioning group - patient participation

If you are a patient registered at this Practice, we would like you to help Hertsmere Commissioning Locality to spend NHS money wisely on the services that you need.

For more information see the Hertsmere Commissiong Group Leaflet

Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group (HVCCG) Patient Network

As you are aware the NHS in England is undergoing one of the biggest restructuring in its history. Clinical commissioning groups – or CCGs – have been set up to take over responsibility for commissioning most health services once the Primary Care Trust are abolished on the 1st April 2013 and Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (HVCCG) will be commissioning our health services in West Herts.

HVCCG are very keen to engage and involve as many patients as possible in their work and has asked every GP Practice with a patient group to contact their members to see if they would be interested in being part of a Patient Network.

Some information is attached but practically this means that network members will receive regular information from HVCCG – this will include an update on what is happening locally with health service but also information on how patients can get more actively involved.  There is no commitment on the network members to take part in anything additional,  that would be purely voluntary.

To find out more contact (with no obligation) either:
Heather Aylward on 01707 269788
Or by post to: Heather Aylward, FREEPOST, 145 Charter House, Parkway, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6BR

I do hope that you will be able to get involved in this Patient Network.

For more information download the Information on Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group (HVCCG) Patient Network Leaflet

Patient Survey 2013

In 2013 over 369 surveys were completed by patients. From these results we have created an action plan for 2014 which you can read more about below. Within this report you will find detailed statistics & analysis about each question asked in the 2013 patient survey alongside the actions we shall take to improve the surgery: