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New Patients

How To Register

Patient registration is determined by the provisions of the practice General Medical contract and terms of service.

Where a Practice has an “Open List” it is required to accept the registration of a new patient unless it has fair and reasonable grounds for not doing so. Where a list is open, the Practice is also obliged to accept allocations by the Primary Care Organisation (PCO) to its list.

Currently our list is open. If the list is closed, the Practice will only accept registrations of immediate family members of patients who are already registered and only if such relatives reside permanently at the registered patient’s address.

Patients must be resident within our practice boundary.

There is no minimum period that a person needs to have been in the UK before a GP can register them.
Annandale Medical Centre will not refuse an application to join its list of NHS patients on the grounds of:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Social class
  • Age
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Appearance
  • Disability

Annandale Medical Centre offers a full general practice service and runs a number of specialist clinics. At Annandale Medical Centre we aim to treat all our patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence.

This information provided in this website is intended for both existing patients and those considering registering with us. It tells you about our services, how to access them and some general information about how our practice operates.

If you live in our practice area and would like to register with us, please collect the necessary forms, from reception. Alternatively you can download and fill in the forms below and return them to reception.

They need to be completed for every member of the family that wishes to register. 

Online Services

If you wish to, you can now use the internet to book appointments with a GP, request repeat prescriptions for any medications you take regularly. Currently you can also see any allergies you may have and see your medication history. You can also access test results, hospital letters, and consultations (Detailed Care Record). To do this please complete the online services registration form below.

If you just wish to register for the online appointment service you do not need to complete any forms. Just visit www.patientaccess.com and register from there.

Children under 16 years old are not able to register for online services.

New Patient Acceptance

In order to confirm your Identity and Address and to help the process of registering you please provide:
  • A GMS1 form
  • 1 photo ID eg Passport or driving licence - applies to anyone over the age of 16
  • 1 Proof of Address eg Utility bill
  • The Annandale Registration Form
  • The Annandale Health Questionnaire
  • For Children under 16 there is a separate registration form. A purple GMS1 form must also be completed
These need to be completed for every member of the family that wishes to register.

We advise patients who move into the area to register with us as soon as possible. 

All new patients are invited to participate in a new patient health check or a NHS Health Check.

New Patient Refusal

The Practice will however refuse registration if:

  • The list is officially “Closed”
  • The patient resides out of the publicised Practice area

The Practice will normally refuse registration (subject to a Partners’ discussion and agreement) if:

  • The patient has been previously removed from the list
  • The patient has a known history of violence

The reason for refusal will be in writing and recorded in a permanent record for that purpose. This excludes Temporary Residents, where no record is necessary.

The permanent record will consist of the original GMS1 registration form endorsed with the reason for refusal, together with a copy of the refusal letter, filed in Surname order. Where a GMS1 has not been completed, a “dummy” GMS1 will be prepared and filed.

The record is subject to inspection by the PCO who may require the Practice to justify a refusal to register.

Download the forms: