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Blood Test Appointments

If a doctor has requested that you have an appointment for a blood test, appointments are available at the following times:

Monday08:30-10:30 (Phlebotomist from Barnet and Chase Farm Trust)
Wednesday08:30-10:30 (Healthcare Assistant)
Thursday09:30-10:00 (Healthcare Assistant)
Friday08:30-10:30 (Phlebotomist from Barnet and Chase Farm Trust and Healthcare assistant.)

Patients are requested when booking an appointment to state the name of the GP who requested the test or what tests are being requested.

For Fasting Blood Tests patients must have nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours prior to test. Only sips of water are allowed.

If you are booking a blood test away from the surgery, a blood test form must be taken. The results will then be sent to the GP.

Blood tests can also be taken at the following:

  • Barnet Hospital
    • Open 9:00 - 4:45pm for tests.
    • Phone 0207 443 9757 to book an appointment
  • Potters Bar
    • Tuesday and Wednesday's from 08:00 - 12:30 for Warfarin Blood Tests.
    • Thursday and Friday for all other.
    • 01707 653286
  • Chase Farm Hospital
    • This is a walk in service.
    • Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 20:00
    • Friday 08:00 - 16:00
    • Phone 0207 443 9757 to book an appointment